CNC Pro Cut and Laser Dynamics can offer your business a profile cutting service ranging from 0.5mm to 300mm

After 16 years in the industry, as a qualified tradesman, Owner/Operator Andrew Ayre decided to venture out with his own engineering enterprise. He sold his house and with the capital, kicked off Ayreton Transport with the purchase of his first CNC Oxy-Fuel cutter. A staff of two and the company was set up and ready to build trailers, but this didn’t happen.

Not one trailer was built due to word quickly spreading that Andrew could supply all forms of cut profiles and various local engineering firms were commissioning him to cut their requirements.

Having built up a good local customer base, the company changed its name to CNC Profile Cutting Services and two years later moved over the other side of town to Omahu Road. Here, the company carried on growing and in rolled the first of two CNC Plasma machines and its first Laser. During this period word of mouth brought jobs in from outside of Hawkes’ Bay and Customers were being looked after, all over New Zealand.

Within four years, CNC Pro Cut had outgrown that premises and moved into its custom built, current location a few metres up the road. Here the range of machines has expanded to; three CNC Plasma’s, one Oxy-Fuel Cutter, more powerful 6KW Laser, a 400 tonne Brake Press and two 5 tonne Overhead Cranes.

Having now become New Zealand’s largest plate processors, CNC Pro Cut can offer your business a profile cutting service ranging from 0.5mm to 300mm. We give you the option of a high quality profile, cut by Laser, Plasma or Oxy-Fuel.

CNC Pro Cut’s Vision

  • To create a long term working relationship with You, Our Customer
  • To offer an innovative and efficient service for Your Business
  • To keep up to date with the changing methods and demands of the NZ Steel Industry
  • To increase our already strong market share within the plate processing industry